Donnie Schexnayder (pronounced “Shecks-nigh-der”) is a music artist and guitar instructor from Austin, TX. He plays 80’s and 90’s inspired indie rock that sounds kind of like Foo Fighters meets Oasis with Eddie Van Halen on guitar. He writes songs that inspire and motivate people to share their inner magic, and he wants to make a positive dent in this world with his music.

Donnie’s first release was a two-song self-titled EP (2007) and his latest project, a 5-song EP called “Truth & Magic”, is scheduled to be released in early Summer 2017. The new record highlights his vocal, songwriting and electric guitar abilities, along with inspiring lyrics that challenge our deepest fears and insecurities, calling out the deep magic within each of us that can make the world a better place. He’s planning a series of live performances in support of the new record, which will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other online music outlets.

A Cajun born and raised in Crowley, LA, Donnie is a multi-instrumentalist and has been playing guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, singing and writing songs for over 25 years. He’s also a guitar teacher and even co-wrote a book with Desi Serna called “How To Teach Guitar”. He builds many of his own guitars, amps and effects and he wrote and recorded his new “Truth & Magic” EP in his home studio near Black Forest, Colorado. Donnie also had two of his original songs selected as winners in the 2016 COMBO Songwriting Contest.

In 2012 Donnie was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and after surgery and radiation, he’s been cancer free ever since. That brush with mortality was a wake-up call, and once he got back on his feet, Donnie has had a renewed determination to live out his purpose in life and started pursuing music harder than he ever did before. His mission is to reach as many people as possible with his music and to challenge them to fight for the lives they never had the courage to live. The lyrics in his song “Fighting For Your Unlived Life” sum up this philosophy well:

Gotta fight if you want to make it
Nobody gets it on a silver plate
There’s a chance if you want to take it
The only future is the one you make

Donnie is available for live performances and house concerts, both with his band and as a solo acoustic artist.